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Reverence (Poem)

Sweet Reverence! How fair art thou!
How linked with majesty thy grace!
How noble thine expansive brow!
And how divine thy speaking face!

Friends of long standing now are we,
Yet still with awe thou canst me thrill;
Nor would I solve thy mystery
Which baffles but attracts me still.

I met thee first in childhood's days,
And loved thee ere I knew thy name;
For thou didst guard life's mystic ways,
And offered help to tread the same.

Together in the courts of God
We sought for wisdom from on high;
And none than thou more softly trod;
And none as thou brought heaven so nigh

Sweet Reverence, thine eyes are sad;
Say, what hath hurt or grieved thee?
Is it that some no more are glad
To journey in thy company?

Is it that some no longer seek
Thy blessed presence when they pray?
No longer care to hear thee speak;
And from thy counsel turn away?

Be sad no more; Sure they are blind
Who thus refuse thine offered grace;
With me at least thou e’re shalt find
A welcome, and a dwelling place.

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Florence M. Solomon

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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