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A Haven of Peace

Amid the hurry and bustle of ordinary life, many a soul is yearning for a taste of the condition implied by the above heading. In this world there are numerous separate interests. Each one seems to have a claim upon us as we come in its way, and verily some of them “claim us as their own."

And so it comes about that if we are desirous of making progress towards a more harmonious state of being, we must see that these interests are dealt with, and if good results are to be obtained, dealt with correctly. It must be understood what each important interest means, and those which do not ring true must not be allowed to influence us.

What is herein suggested may not appear to be the easiest path in life, but the most destitute cannot make an effort on these lines without being benefited in some way. And we must remember that ever as we hold fast to the good that we see, the unseen good is reaching out to us at helpful influence.

The haven of peace is within our reach here; the very desire for it is an argument in favor of that; and to the persevering and patient soul it comes.

Not as I will! The darkness feels
More safe than light when this thought steals
Like whispered voice to calm and bless
All unrest and all loneliness.
—H. H.

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F. Horsley

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