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The Reason Why

I do not serve Thee, Lord, because I must,
Nor yet for worldly gain;
Nor is there ought to curb my lust
In Hell’s eternal pain;
Yet in my heart there flames a gentle fire
Which makes Thy service, Lord, my heart’s desire.
I serve Thee, gracious Lord, because Thy heart,
Beating the time for all Creation’s song,
Stirs in my soul harmonious chords which start
Each into music, sounding sweet and strong;
And all my being thrills as newborn love
Trembles responsive to the God above.
What though high Heav’n were burned, and quenched the Flame
Of Satan’s dark abyss;
Or angels stood with crowns, or foul fiends came:—
Unmoved, I'd answer this,—
"Oh neither gain nor loss has ought to say
When Love wakes love;: and so I serve alway.”

To nourish the heart there is nothing better than to make the desires few.

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R. H. W.

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