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From Darkness to Light

Out of darkness unlit even by the stars, a new dawn is to arise. Softly as the leaves of plant life open under the gentle persuasion of sunlight and rain, the new being begins to make itself felt in the dark places of our consciousness, faintly winning and drawing us away from the old selfish habit of thought. This dim light shining, as it were, within us, is at first so faint, so hardly perceptible, that only when our outer darkness is altogether complete, can we catch even a glimpse of the new ray of dawn. Gradually as this faint new light, this dim reality within us, is adhered to, it grows stronger and brighter, and begins very slowly to light up the dark phases of life, to make clear, one after another, things which before were very obscure. We see that this new vision sets itself against the old visions—appearances of our former life—that this new light opposes the old false fires that so long deluded us. We are being gently drawn by the All-Powerful Spirit of Love into a new Path, directly contrary to the old way that our desires drew us. They led us outwards, wonderingly; this leads us inwards, towards Home.

Nothing resembles pride so much as discouragement.
—Henri Frederic Amiel
Beware! What proceeds from you will return to you again.

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