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Be Thou Faithful

“Ye shall have tribulation ten days; be thou faithful unto death."
—Revelation II, 10.

Soul, beloved of the Lord,
Who hast chosen for the right,
And dost use thy trusty sword
In the thickest of the fight,
Hear thou what the Spirit saith—
"Be thou faithful e’en to death.”
Tribulation shalt thou know,
Persecution fierce and strong
Will attack and lay thee low,
But, beloved, not for long,
Only just till I can prove
The true value of thy love.
Men despise, and deem thee poor,
Judging only of thy worth
By their failure to allure
With the passing joys of earth;
But thou’rt rich, aye, richer far ‘
Than earth’s greatest monarchs are.

So, beloved, fear thou not
Aught that happens to thee here;
When most lonely seems thy lot;
When their darkest things appear,
And thou’rt weary of the way
Think how short will be thy stay.
So, beloved, wait awhile;
Toil, and trust, and watch and pray,
And the sin which doth defile,
Gradually shall cease its sway,
Till thou standest at My side
Perfected and satisfied.

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Florence M. Solomon

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