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Sunset (Poem)

The blue of Heaven pales to the crimson west,
Where glancing o'er the fields he late possessed,
Apollo flashes back his burning rays
And sets one half the heavens in a blaze!
The farthest fringe fades to a softer hue,
Disseminates, and mingles with the blue.
The slow-progressing cloudlets catch the light,
To gild themselves awhile, till, in the night,
They pass away unsighted; while below,
Conglomerate against the reddened glow.
Spires, roofs, and trees appear one darkened mass
Outlined in gold. Now through the distant pass,
Beyond the hills, Apollo slow retires
While fades the glory of his crimson fires.
The shadows creep apace t'allure to rest
The busy world, while night o'erllows the west.
With gorgeous entry came he to his reign,
Held regal sway, is glorious in his wane.
He scatters wide his gifts on every hand,
Light, warmth and life as with magicians wand,
And, lavish in his bounty, us provides
Sufficiency, until again he rides
Victorious over his domain of day.
See now the paling glow of his last ray,
As, seeming loth to leave, he flashes back,
Over the scarcely indicated track,
A soft serene farewell, like a last word
To cheer the hearts that grieve o'er joys deferred.
Our noon must pass, and nought can stay the wane
Which heralds our life's sunset. O’er the plain,
When we, by some fond memories stirred, look back
And pass in quick review the traversed track,
Shall we discern that others mark our tread
And follow, by our ling‘ring light-beams led?
Or, shall we find that, mongst the many ways
Which men have trod, one vast intricate maze,
That ours is lost to sight? And, shall our skies
Be glorious with the glow that shall arise
From our unhidden rays? Shall our last glance
Help some hard-struggling neighbor to advance
Towards a brighter sundown? Or shall we
Pass on into the grave’s obscurity;
Leaving no guiding light, no sunset glow,
As o’er the near or distant verge we go?
Man is the maker of his destiny;
Tis ours to say what shall our sunset be.


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Alfred J. Allen

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Wednesday, 03 October 2018 12:33 Comment Link

    Beautiful description of Sunset but particularly like the “moral of the story”...shall our last glance help some struggling neighbor to advance?

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