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What you are so is your world. Everything in the universe is resolved into your own inward experience. It matters little what is without, for it is all a reflection of your own consciousness. It matters everything what you are within, for everything without will be mirrored and colored accordingly.
—James Allen

There is perhaps nothing which illustrates so well the manifestation of Truth in men as the reflection of light by objects in the form of color.

Colors do not really belong to the objects which exhibit them as they appear to do; nor does life truly belong to bodies which live; all color radiates from the light; all life emanates from God. Color is merely the reflection of the rays of light by the various surfaces of objects, which absorb some colors in the rays and reflect others; so it is with human life and love, they are but reflections of the one true Life and the Divine Love. We,—our bodies, are the objects, whose minds or surfaces reflect back more or less the true Life, and whose love one for another is a ray from the Divine Love intercepted and thrown back to each other.

As objects when brought into the light reflect that same light in many different shades of color, so men having perceived the Truth, each forms a different conception of that one and only Truth. For men's minds have not all the same abilities, and no man's mind can control all other minds to cause them to think the same, any more than he can make all surfaces reflect the same color; but woe to the man who thinks his color the only one which is of the light.

Just as things in the dark show no color at all,—for where there is no light there can be no color,—so men while they remain in the darkness of sin and ignorance cannot manifest the Truth. Let us leave the darkness then, by breaking the chains of sin, and we shall enter into a knowledge of the Great Law, the true Life, and the Divine Love which is flowing the world although unseen by it.

When on a dark night we look up at the moon and the planets, we know that the sun is- shining on some distant land, for we know that the light of the moon and planets is the reflection of the sun, whose rays reach them although we cannot see him, and we know he will come again in the morning.

So when the night of doubt and sorrow envelopes us in its darkness, let us look to those who far above us can see the Truth, and who reflect it in their every word and deed: and we shall know that Truth is eternal, and unchangeable, and that soon if we look upward and continue to strive with the powers of darkness, we shall gradually rise above the selfish grasping spirit, leave our old dead selves for the true Life, and reach that plane or state of life whereon may be seen and reflected to the world the life-giving Light Of Divine Love.

Let love‘s bright sunshine play upon your heart;
Come now unto your gladness, peace and rest;
Bid the dark shades of selfishness depart,
And now and evermore be truly blest.

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