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Shadow and Light

It is Spring,
The grass is young, and the west wind blows.
The banks of the brook are yellow with cowslips.
The grasses all lean east when the west wind blows, and the shadows overlie them.
Now the cowslips darken under a shadow,—
There is light in the world.
The apple trees cast their blossoms in their dark circles of shadow;
The birds fly singing overhead, and their silent shadows glide beneath them over the meadow,—
There is light in the world.

As for you, do you come forth in your native simplicity, lay hold on verities, restrain selfishness, and rid yourself of ambition.


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Mary E. Wilkins

  • Full name was Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman
  • American author
  • Born in Randolph, Massachusetts on October 31, 1852
  • Died on March 13, 1930
  • Worked as secretary Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

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