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Sunshine in Winter

The sky is veiled in gloomy clouds today,
The sea reflects her mood in sullen grey;
And winter, cold and merciless, reigns King,
Making our life seem but a dreary thing.

But soon a glow o'erspreads the darkened sky,
Reminding us the sun is still on high;
The clouds, now softened, turn to golden hue,
Breaking at last to let the glory through.

Hail! glorious sun, thou blessest all the earth,
Waking to life its beauty, joy, and mirth;
For lo! the cold grey sea hath changed her hue,
Kissed by thy beams, she sparkles gold and blue.

Thy radiant face though winter still is here,
Brightens the dreary day with warmth and cheer,
Making our spirits rise to hopeful mood.
Thou art in truth the loving smile of God!

Keep the heart free from clouds of sin and care,
That God, the Sun of Life, may enter there;
Then shalt thou sunshine make on wintry days,
Giving out warmth and cheer from Love's bright rays!

Look out for the brightest side of things and keep thy face constantly turned to it.
—Jeremy Bentham

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