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The Soul’s Sufferings

Every low desire and all ungoverned emotions, such as lust, envy, greed, malice, pride, grief, &c., serve to stain the soul, and obscure the bright Shekinah's rays within; while virtue, selfless love, and every grace restore its transparency and permit the healing light to glorify the being.

Even as the atmosphere of this physical world is by man's complex mode of life charged with impurities which the action of the suns forms into clouds and eventually transmutes, so do we, by sin, bring about those conditions which shut out the light of God. And it is this which causes the soul to suffer. It yearns with a great longing to be freed from these impurities which make it languish, earthbound; but only through the painful process of purification, the burning away of the dross, may it find liberty of action in expressing the hidden glory.

As long as we by impure and hateful thoughts poison the atmosphere of our being, so long shall we make soul-suffering a necessity.

Is it not worth while, by choosing truth, to gain free access to the Holy of Holies within our inmost being? For this is Heaven!

Walk boldly and wisely in that light thou hast.

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J. S. Akehurst

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