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Life and Energy, by Walter Hibbert, F.I.C., published by Longmans, Green, and Co., 39, Paternoster Row, London, E.C. A work of great scientific and ethical value, this book is described on the title page as—"An attempt at a new definition of life, with applications to Morals and Religion," and consists of "A revised account of four addresses given at the Polytechnic Institute, Regent Street, London." The author brings an acutely logical and well-trained scientific mind to bear on the profound problem of life, working from the purely material aspect of science up to the consideration of morals and religion, harmonizing the apparent contradictions of life with a skill which is both analytic and synthetic. A perusal of the book is sure to stimulate the intellect and improve the logical faculty. Buy Life and Energy

A Boy's Control and Self-Expression, by Eustace Miles, M.A., published by the author at 10, St. Paul's Road, Cambridge. A splendid work to place in the hands of boys, it deals with the boy from his own standpoint, and is calculated to guide him safely through the critical period of life. It contains upwards of 600 pages and about 250 illustrations. Buy A Boy's Control and Self-Expression

Marcus Aurelius, Mazzini, and Epietetus, are the first three of "The People's Classics" series published by C. W. Daniel, 3, Amen Corner, Paternoster Row, London, E.C. They will form a fitting introduction to the best thought of these master-minds.

The Shadows Buy The Shadows, and Little Daylight Buy Little Daylight; Cross Purposes Buy Cross Purposes, and The Cavasoyn; and The Day Boy and The Night Girl Buy The Day Boy and Night Girl, are three more books containing four of the Fairy Tales of George MacDonald. Published by Arthur C. Fifield, 44, Fleet Street, Loudon, E.C.

The Art of Being Successful, by Charles A. Hall, published by Alexander Gardner, Paisley, is another of Mr. Hall's artistic and helpful little books,

Spiritual Healing, by Charles N. Spencer, and Healing By Methods Various, and The Cure, are two books on spiritual healing, published by Stead, Danby and Co., 4, Kensington High Street, London, W.

To the Working People of all Countries Buy To the Working People of all Countries by Tolstoy, and Appeal to Social Reformers, by Leo Tolstoy, are two pamphlets published by the Free Age Press, 13, Paternoster Row, London.

Balance in Diet, by Alice Braithwaite, published from The Office of the "Scottish Health Reformer," Meikleriggs, Paisley, is a pamphlet on the selection of diet.

Psycho-Therapy Buy Psycho-Therapy, by Sheldon Leavitt, M.D., published from the Garner-Taylor Press, 79. Fifth Avenue, Chicago, U.S.A., is a treatise on certain new methods in the practice of medicine and surgery.

The Everlasting Covenant Buy The Everlasting Covenant, by H. E. Butler, published by The Esoteric Fraternity, Applegate, California, and may be obtained of L. N. Fowler & Co., 7, Imperial Arcade, Ludgate Circus, London, E.C. The book is an interpretation of Biblical Symbology.

The Devil's Dialogues with Aiman, by Ernest Marklew, published by The Medium Press, Preston.

Spiritual Foreshadowings, published anonymously, and supplied by the Power Book Company, Wimbledon, S.W., is a book dealing with certain spiritual and phenomenal experiences of the author.

The Creed of an Evangelical Churchman, by the Rev. H. Lawrence Phillips, and published by Elliot Stock, 62, Paternoster Row, London, E.C., is a book expounding the doctrines of the National Church.

The New Thought Meditations, arranged by Mary E. Williams, and may be obtained from her address, Chilston, Kersfield Road, Putney Hill, London, S.W. Appropriate thoughts from well-known writers are selected for each of the 52 weeks. Printed in red and black, and artistically tied at the top with ribbon, the whole forms a chaste production. The type and paper are of the best, and the thoughts selected are inspiring.

Edward Carpenter, Poet and Prophet Buy Edward Carpenter, by Ernest Crosby, published by Arthur C. Fifield, 44, Fleet Street, London, E.C. Those of our readers who wish to know more of the life, character, and work of this remarkable man, should secure this admirable book. It contains numerous extracts from his works, and the front cover is adorned with a portrait of the man.

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