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Train Yourself to Think

Someone has said: "The reason why most men do not accomplish more is because they do not attempt more."

Everything in the Universe is governed by law; a man's life may be orderly and successful, or it may be varying and end in at wreck. Failure and success are the result of law; the swiftly running train and the twisted, burning wreck at the bottom of a canyon are both the results of unerring law. An unsuccessful life is the result of deviating from fixed laws. When man learns how to use the fundamental laws of being he will not see poverty, wretchedness, or unhappiness. What we want is thought, power, education, wisdom. We do not find the wisdom of today in musty tomes of yesterday. Too many are looking backward for inspiration, guidance, and education.

Let us turn about and face the sun of wisdom and knowledge. Don't borrow your ideas. Break the shell of ignorance and grow. Expand. Nothing is more invigorating than a new idea. There are millions of bright ideas floating in the great universal sea of mind that are waiting to be chained in thought. Stop fishing for dollars and try for an idea. Coin ideas. Train yourself to think.

The man of meditation wastes no time, scatters no energy, misses no opportunity.
—Annie Besant

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