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To The Wind-Spirit (Poem)

Friend of my soul, thou Wind!
I know thee when thou sweepest down the glen;
I hear thee in tumultuous storms, and then
In quiet voices whispering round the shore.

In some forgotten past;
To which the memory slowly travels back,
Thy spirit and my life will find the track
Where we as one have lived and loved before.

And in that memory's life
Enfolding as experience long, and vast,
Shall be the full fruition of our past;
The continuity of hidden years.

Soul of my soul, O Wind!
Let me draw near to thee, that I may hear
My own heart's questionings of doubt and fear
Satisfied in a life beyond my own.

The spirit's storm and stress
Changes to peace and joy in thy embrace;
For thou art larger Spirit, and thy face
Veileth the secrets of the Infinite.

The mystery of thy birth
Is my soul’s mystery, and my love for thee
Deathless and changeless, holdeth fast the key
Until l too may know the depth and height.

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E. M. Wreford

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