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Nature's Voices (Poem)

I wonder hast thou ever heard
Nature speak softly to the heart,
And say, “Come thou with me apart,
And l will teach thee many things."

And thou hast told her all thy pain,
And how thy mind has been perplexed
With questions which thy heart have vexed
Of all the mystery of life.

And she has laid upon thy head
Her cool soft hand, when thou wert sad,
And whispered, “Little one be glad, 
Be strong, and brave, for all is well." 

Love spoke to thee in sun and shower;
In song of bird, and whispering wind;
And all the gloom passed from thy mind
As darkness flees away at dawn.

And all the past seemed right and good;
The present shorn of all its care;
The future very bright and fair,
And blessed peace was thine that hour.

The revelation of past good,
The faith that soared beyond all sight,
The hope that shone so clear and bright,
Thou could'st not put it into words.

But by the gladness in thy voice.
And by the peace on lip and brow,
Earth's weary ones said, “Now we know
That she is blest and satisfied."

There is a gift beyond the reach of art, of being eloquently silent.
The dignity of truth is lost
With much protesting.
—Ben Jonson
Great souls are always loyally submissive—reverent to what is over them; only small mean souls are otherwise.

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Maud Mersham

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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