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The Constancy of Change

If we have risen, we must still rise. Patient as we may have become, we must be more so; while if we have been self-sacrificing we must add to our deeds of self-sacrifice. It is the only way to remain in our exalted position, to be patient or self-sacrificing. For we must always be opening doors lending to virtue, and shutting doors upon vice, ready for new beginnings and endings.
We cannot afford to rest on our oars of increased strength, cannot remain as we are, cannot progress without effort.
In reality the only way to prevent ourselves falling is by always growing towards the ideal of perfection.

We reach the immortal path only by continuous acts of kindliness, and we perfect our souls by compassion and charity.
Let us not lose ourselves in vain speculations of profitless subtleties; let us surrender self and all selfishness, and as all things are fixed by causation, let us practice good so that good may result from our actions.

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George Weeds

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