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Quiet Thoughts

Let your souls ever be open to the Pure, the True, the Beautiful. There is not a leaf in Nature, or a rock on the mountain that has not its lesson to teach, its story to tell.

It is the daily rush, the daily cares, that hamper the soul. Fight hard to find a few still moments when the mind can rest. Thus life will become easier and your work better.

If we will, we can even here dwell in the Unseen World. Each act of love, each killing of sell, opens a door to the realms of beauty. It is the lusts, passions, malice and hypocrisy that veil our minds, and prevent the entrance of good thoughts.

In calm and tranquility the soul revives its strength, and so is fitted to help the body to subdue self. lf men would but pause for a while each day and let their thoughts dwell for a space on the Unseen World—how much better would their daily lives become—how much the more would their lower self be subdued, and the higher self fitted for success.

Each one makes his life. Each one has the marring or perfecting of his future life. Thus could we remember that every act passes on and rebounds for good or evil at some future period, we should become better and more God-like, till, bit by bit, the lower man would be stifled and finally subdued.

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Winifred Candler

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