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The Legend of the Flowers

God saw that it was very good,
The swelling wold, the whispering wood,
The fair green grass, the tiny brook,
The fragrant moss in shady nook,
The glittering drops of morning dew
That keep the face of Nature new—
All, all was good.
The spirit-garment touched the earth,
And every plant sprang to its birth
Clothed in a robe of softest green,
Immortal blossoms so are seen—
'Twas then the Son of God most dear
Unto the new-born earth drew near,
Where all was good.
Then said the One whose Name is Love,
Something is still to man to prove,
That God is Father to them here,
A tender God a parent dear;
Spring forth in flower O green, green earth!
Give to the radiant blossoms birth.
Then all is very good.
Where'er the Son of God hath trod
Spring the sweet blossoms in the sod,
Jewels that sparkle in the grass
And glitter when His garments pass.
You shall He praise, and He shall show
How lilies in the field do grow.
He who is good.
So when I wander in the fields
Whose soft green carpet blossoms yields,
I see the footprints of the Lord
Shining in flowerets on the sward.
I find them fairer each new year,
Sweeter in fragrance, ever dear,
And know that All is good.

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E. Lovel Langton

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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