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Divine Dialogues Between the Master and the Disciple


Of Knowledge of the Law

Disciple:—Show unto me now, O Master! the Perfect Knowledge;
Reveal unto me the working of thy Law;
Illuminate my mind with the wisdom of enlightenment.

Master:—The Law of life is perfect;
Nothing can be added to it or taken from it;
It cannot be altered or improved;
None can avoid or escape it;
Its operations are just;
It is eternal, and abides in the midst of change;
By it all things are protected, and there is no confusion;
The good is preserved in bliss and peace,
The evil is purified with punishment and suffering;
Knowledge it crowns with calmness,
Ignorance it scourges with unrest;
It works with two-fold action;
It is Eternal Causation;
It takes note of every thought and deed.
Thou hast attained, O disciple! to spiritual vision;
Look now upon the world, and tell me what thou seest.

Disciple:—I see, O Master! the Great Darkness called Ignorance;
I see lurking therein the smoldering sparks of desire;
I see how those sparks gather strength;
They intensify into flaming passions;
And over all mankind are heavy clouds of sorrow,
And these are for the quenching of passions.

Master:—Thou hast well seen;
Look again, and say what thou beholdest.

Disciple:—My sight hath pierced the cloudy veil of sorrow,
And above all I see the Great Light called Truth;
And there is no darkness therein;
No desires can enter there,
And there are no consuming passions;
There is no weeping, and no unrest.

Master:—Thou hast seen, O disciple! the Law of life;
Thou hast perceived the two-fold action of the Law.
There is ignorance which fosters desire;
Desire is the painful hunger to obtain;
It is also the feverish clinging to that which is obtained;
Thence arises separation from the thing desired;
And this is suffering and sorrow.
From desire also arises egotism, or selfishness;
Thus is created an illusory self;
And in the delusion of the self is the nightmare 0f the world's woe.
Thus man suffers by the action of the Law;
He can also escape suffering by the action of the Law;
When desire is abandoned, the painful hunger of the mind is cured;
The burning fever of clinging to things is assuaged;
And there is no more separation and sorrow;
Thence arises union with all that is,
And this is satisfaction, bliss, and peace.
From not-desire also proceed Humility and Love;
The delusion of a permanent and separate individuality is destroyed;
The preservation of the self is abandoned,
And thus is cut away the ground of hatred, and pride, and selfishness;
Thence arises holiness;
The reality of things is revealed;
Truth is perceived, comprehended, and known,
And this is the knowledge of the Law;
This is the bliss of immortality.

Disciple—Very simple is Thy Law, O Truth! yet who shall comprehend it?
Beautiful to behold, yet who can gaze upon it?
Faultless in equity, yet who will listen, and receive it?

Master:—The pure-hearted one receives, beholds, and comprehends;
He acts with the action that is not stained by sin;
His charity is without limit; it embraces all living things
He perceives with the vision that does not err;
He does not condemn, knowing the Perfect Law;
And knowing the Perfect Law, he has entered into peace.

Disciple:—Where knowledge is perfected, peace abides.
Great is the calmness of the wise;
Deep is the peace of the pure;
Perfect the bliss of them that know the Truth.
Stilled are the tempests of the mind;
There is no more perturbation.
There is a haven for the storm-tossed,
A home for them that are lost and forsaken,
A refuge for all who wander in the Night.
I have found thee, thou Eternal One, at last!
Master:—Thou hast sought and found;
Thou hast fought and conquered;
Thou hast striven and attained;
He who was afflicted has become the healer of men;
The child has become the Instructor;
The pupil has become the Teacher;
The disciple and the Master are one;
What I am, that thou art.
Abide with Me in Peace.
And now, peace abides.
Self is dispersed, and there is no more anguish;
Truth is attained, and affliction has ceased to be;
The pilgrimage of pain is finished;
There is no more toil and darkness;
There is no more doubt and weeping;
Unrest and sorrow have vanished away.
Love folds the world; to all that suffer, peace.


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