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Seekers After Truth (Poem)

We seek for truth; but what of those
Who come with single heart and mind,
And on the wings of spirit rise
To mystic faith that looks behind
The veil, and evermore there lies
A holy peace hid in those eyes?—
Are these the souls who find?
We cannot mount on wings of faith,
We can but toil with weary brain;
We can but question evermore,
We see not yet the answer plain;
We cannot sail the ocean o'er,
We see not yet the farther shore;
Do we then toil in vain?
O I not alone the saintly souls
Who see the vision bright and clear,
They too are blest who dumbly fight
With many a problem, many a fear;
Still holding that in Reason's light
The surest truth is highest right—
They too are drawing near.
And if they conquer—as they shall
Who follow Wisdom's steadfast ray,
Rising each hour from old to new,
Their footsteps will have made a way
Where not alone the primal few,
But all the hosts who love the true
Shall walk in endless day.

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G. Taverner Clarke

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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