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The Heart’s Riches

Until we hunger after the things which flow from the heart—in spite of the most magnificent powers—we must assuredly fall short of the true life.

For the realization that Love is of all virtues the most holy, of all gifts the most useful, of all attitudes the most practical, that is to grasp some conception of life as it might be lived.

The wide ocean of human nature, the multitudinous interests of daily life, even the essentials of happiness are unknown to the person who does not search for the treasures of the heart. Such a person possesses an idea of love, it is fed however with little inclination to do more than add another feather in the hat of the giver. Thus selfish, no wonder the world's sufferings do not appeal to him.

The heart needs expansion that it may embrace a wider humanity. So only can we comprehend the heart's riches, which when gained, can never be really lost.

Think only what is right to do, and then do it.
Happiness is a very beautiful thing—the most beautiful and heavenly thing in the world—but it is a result, a spiritual condition, and is not predetermined by a bank account or by the flattering incense of praise.
Lilian Whiting

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George Weeds

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