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Divine Dialogues Between the Master and the Disciple

I. Salutation

Rejoice, all ye who seek Truth!
Be glad and not sorrowful all ye who love Truth!
For your sorrows shall pass away as the mists of the morning;
Your doubts shall be as the darkness that is not,
And as a dream of the night shall your afflictions be.
The disciple cried, and lo! the Master heard;
The disciple was ready, and lo! the Master was at hand;
The disciple sought, and behold! the Master revealed.
Of Seeking and Finding

Disciple:—Where is knowledge?
Where is Truth?
Where is Peace?
I am sorrowful, and find no comfort in men;
I have gone astray, and find no surety in the teachings of men;
Yea, even in myself I find no Truth, and no remedy for my doubt and sorrow.
I have striven in the pride of my heart;
I have contended with men for my opinions;
I have mistaken evil for good, and have called ignorance knowledge;
And now I am alone, and there is none to hear me;
And if I cry, there is none to hear my voice.

Master:—Nay, I am with thee, and I hear thy voice.

Disciple:—Who art thou that assure me?

Master:—I am the Spirit of Truth.

Disciple:—O Master! O Spirit of Truth!
Why didst thou not come to me before?
Why didst thou leave me so long desolate?

Master:—Thou wert not desolate till now.
Pride was thy companion, and pride satisfied thee.
Where pride is, there I cannot come,
And he who listens to its flatteries cannot hear My voice.
Self-glory blinded thee, so that my Form thou could'st not see;
Self-exultation deafened thee, and when I called thou didst not hear;
Self-seeking led thee astray, and my way was hidden from thee;
But now, having put away pride, thou hast both seen and heard.
Ask, and I will answer:
Seek, and thou shalt find.

Disciple—Comfort me, O Master! for I am weary;
Strengthen me, for I am weak;
Teach me, for I am lacking in knowledge.
Master:—He who deserts self and takes refuge in me, is never deserted;
My Word is his comfort,
My Law his strength,
And my commands his instruction and knowledge.

Disciple:—Speak thy Word, and I will listen;
Reveal thy Law, and I will walk therein;
Command thou me, and I, thy servant, will obey;
For thou are the Master whom I so long sought;
And having found thee, let me not depart from thee.

Master:—He who follows self, abandons me; But he who abandons self, lo! he is with me always.

Disciple:—Hitherto I have clung to self;
I have followed after vain and empty desires;
And, caught in the toils of self-delusion, I have not known thy presence;
But now, O, Master! I have found thee;
And having found thee, let me remain with thee;
Let me be thy child, obeying thy voice;
Let me be thy pupil, receiving thy instruction;
Let me become thy disciple, and follow wheresoever thou dost lead.

Master:—Thy humility, O disciple! hath made thee mine.
Thou hast entered the gateway leading to my Kingdom,
Even to the kingdom of a righteous life.
Henceforth thou wilt follow Truth and not self;
Striving, thou hast entered;
Searching, thou hast revealed;
Seeking thou hast found;
Ask whatsoever thou wilt, and I will not withhold instruction.

(To be continued)

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