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Simple Justice

Modes of life are suggested by all ethical teachers, who place rules of conduct before us according to the light which shines through them. With some it is from the standpoint of Purity—some Unselfishness—some Love—and some Truth. How is Truth to be known? How is Love to be expressed? One very simple, and quite unfailing guide to righteousness of life, which can immediately test each thought or action, and needs no cleverness or deep thought, is—"Am I thinking those thoughts which I should wish others to think of me? Am I imputing motives to others which I desire imputed to me? Am I as straight and true in thought to others as I wish them to be to me? Am I as active in sending out thoughts of healing, beauty, and love as I think others should be? Am I as desirous of others' good welfare as I am of my own?" Such a list as this can be applied to every thought, and thought being the Father of character and action, to what a pitch of perfection can this carry the soul-expression through mind into body! This is justice pure and simple.

Time to me this truth has taught,
('Tis a treasure worth revealing),
More offend by want of thought
Than by any want of feeling.
—Charles Swain

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