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The Life Divine

Seek not for peace while on the Earth there's sorrow;
Crave not for rest, while one still needs thy care,
The poor, tired world yearns for a bright tomorrow,
Forget thyself, and bravely do thy share.

Seek for naught else save that thy life be holy,
A heart that loveth all with Love divine;
Seek not for fame, but walk thou with the lowly;
Seek only good, and lo! all else is thine.

Deep in the soul at times there comes a longing,
A half-unconscious yearning for a life
Apart from where the world is ever thronging,
Away from turmoil, sorrow, sin and strife.

O! listen to the still small voice's pleading,
And let it waken strong within your soul;
The Perfect Love will satisfy your needing,
And lead you gently on towards the goal.

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Sydney Rist

  • Secretary and President of the North London group of Light of Reason readers.

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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