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We believe bloodshed to be the enemy to serene life; we connect swords and guns with the world which knows not peace. But neither bloodshed, swords drawn, nor guns fired are the true foes of peace.

Man who is selfish quarrels for at certainty. He is then the enemy of peace. The person who is unkind disturbs some nook of repose. The bitterest battles are fought within the four walls of a room, not between armies of drilled men upon the smoking field. The disturbers of the world's peace are not soldiers, they are husbands and wives, brothers and sisters who do not live amicably one with the other. Hard words before sharp swords mar the peace of men and women. Peace contains far more than we lead ourselves to suppose. We need to know the meaning of a well-ordered life, to watch the beginnings of discord, and strive for a happiness based on love, if we desire peace. For wars will cease only when men and women gain the victory over self.

Prime thou thy words, the thoughts control
That o'er thee swell and throng;
They will condense within thy soul,
And change to purpose strong.

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George Weeds

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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