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Ideals and Opportunities

Our Ideal should be a mark of the loftiness of the soul that created it; it should be above us, but not beyond us, and should bring us in touch with the life of today keen and alive to the opportunities of the ever-present now, yet at the same time reaching out unto the things that are before.

What is our Ideal if it does not hold the active desire to be useful, to seize the opportunities of life, give happiness, sympathy, and help to those around us?

The heavenly beauty of our Ideal should be that it is capable of removing some of the misery and sorrow of the world and placing joy and happiness in its stead. Doing simple things nobly is where it ought to lead us, and he who will not do the simple thing he can do, will never do the splendid thing he thinks he can do.

Take then, the small things of life—the simple 0pportunities—take them and use them, and build up a grand and noble character, a living and lofty Ideal; have a longing to be useful, find happiness in the joys of others, and seek to help others rather than to please self.

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