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To the Heights, O Fellow-Man!

Who loves not, having climbed the height to view
The pathway of his labors, and to scan
The various scenes which, climbing, he passed through,
The clefts and crags which seemed to thwart his plan?
Now having these encountered, and excelled,
He thinks no fairer view he e'er beheld.

"And did I climb," asks he, "this awesome steep?
Lo! now upon this lofty ridge I stand.
The toil was slow indeed; I did but creep;
But now a glorious view on either hand
Rewards my efforts. Scarcely did I hope
With such great toil successfully to cope."

Who does not love the hill-top's purer air,
The sense of height, the far-extending view?

In such delights who does not long to share?
Anticipating, who would not pursue?
Whether by slow degrees, or movement fleet,
Who climbs the height has all things at his feet.

Then, to the heights, O fellow-man! what strength
The task demands shall not be spent in vain;
The upward path if traversed will, at length,
Enable you high power to attain.
Lofty your point of view, wide in extent,
Such glory shall bring you a vast content.

There is no height but he who wills may climb.
The glories of the mountain-tops invite
You to ascend. Now in your manhood's prime,
Or, better, if in youth, mark well the height,
Keeping its topmost peak in constant view,
Press on and up where glories wait for you.

It is the greatest manifestation of power to be calm.
It is easy to be active.
Let the reins go, and the horses will drag you down.
Anyone can do that but he who can stop the plunging horses is the strong man.
Which requires the greater strength, letting go, or restraining?
The calm man is not the man who is dull.
You must not mistake calmness for dulness or laziness.
Activity is the manifestation of the lower strength, calmness of the superior strength.
—Swami Vivekananda

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