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Soul is kindled only by soul.

There is among the heavenly hosts a bright and beautiful angel whose name is known to us as Sympathy.

She is the handmaid of love, and she dwells in all that is true and best: in the souls of the charitable and the altruist, the poet, artist, and musician she lives and breathes.

She brings from all corners of the earth souls that are alike and which vibrate to the same chords. In those that seem to differ, in most respects, she can find and bring into harmony some sweet chords which know and answer each other, which were long forgotten and mute: and where two or three are gathered together in converse, she hovers round about them, continually operating-silent and unseen-to bring them into closer fellowship, truer friendship.

She lives in silence, speaks through the eye and shows her presence in actions. She disdains force and fear, and is therefore possessed of a great power.

She is a "good Samaritan," recognizing no nationality, no creed, no party, no authority, but looks upon all sinful and suffering humanity as of one family. She is a peacemaker, and having made peace between men, she heals their bruises and binds up their wounds.

She softens the hardest heart, and clears away the strongest of barriers.

She opens the flood-gates of pent-up tears, and tears away the veil of pride which hides the breaking heart, gently compelling the sufferer to tell the story of wrong which has been shut up for years.
She loves not the toil for gold, nor the torpor of despair, but rejoices in the simple act of service rendered to one of the weakest. Rich and poor, high and low, the millionaire, the mendicant, she treats them all alike: she sees neither the luxury nor the want, but only the sufferer, and being intent only on serving him, forgets the sin which brought the evil.

In her the weak find a friend and protector; the sinner finds hope; the cheerless comfort; the poor find true riches; the rich, relief and peace; and the truthseeker a safe guide.

In the hearts of those who seek her she will come and live; and those who obey her promptings she will bring at last to full and complete harmony with the Infinite Love.

She is a sunbeam, bringing light into hovel; a flower, bringing freshness to a garret; a dove, bringing hope to a sick room; and a shining star guiding the wise.

She is the herald of peace and joy, the messenger of Truth and the "one touch of nature" which "makes the whole world kin."


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Oswald Godman

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