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The Purpose of Life

As one looks around and sees the suffering, misery, and apparent injustice in the world—the questions arise—What does it all mean? Is it just that some lives should be fraught with sorrow and suffering, while others seem full of happiness and free from care? Are we creatures of circumstances or does a Higher Power control and direct our lives?

Throughout all time these questions have been asked by the world's thinkers and all, who have earnestly sought a solution of this seeming enigma of life have found that through and the ages one increasing purpose runs, that purpose is—that man may become perfect.

Few people, however, realize that the outer man is not the real man but only the vehicle, or mechanism by which he becomes manifest to the world around. The real man or self is the soul—the Godhead within—the Divine Spark "which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." Until this is realized, human life remains an enigma. When one awakes to the knowledge that the body with its needs and desires is but the vehicle through which the soul works—and which is controlled by the soul—then the first step is taken in the path of True Knowledge. But how often the body, which is mortal and finite, takes the place of the Immortal and Infinite and becomes all-important, while the soul becomes puny and weak for want of nourishment.

The whole purpose of life here is, that the soul should gain knowledge of its own latent powers, and, by passing through various experiences, should finally become perfected.

It is often by suffering that the first glimmer of soul-consciousness is able to pierce the shadow of the body. Only by passing through the "Mill of God" that grinds away the dust, can the soul become purified and rarefied into the pure spirit of God within. All progress is by growth, and until one realizes that each life is a spark of the Divine life, no true progress can be made. The first step to true soul-knowledge is "Know Thyself."

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Florence M. Schmidt

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