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As man becomes fully persuaded that life as led by the world in general is delusive and brings only anxiety and death, he turns to those precepts of the Spirit which promise eternal life and wherein he hopes to find that which his soul is in reality seeking. Yet our first approach in search of the true riches is rather prompted from personal feelings; some anticipate to improve their worldly condition, others desire to manifest supernatural power, and even some very mature souls expect to be recognized as the direct mouthpiece of the Spirit, and thereby bring the world to their feet or method of understanding. Nevertheless, all those hopes are prompted by a spirit arising from the flesh, for as time advances all those who have allied themselves to the Spirit of Truth, and ways and methods leading out of the difficulties arising from the pursuit of the pleasures of the senses, will find that each has his work before him and his reward with him (Isaiah XL. 10). In other words, each individual who has a message of truth to the world, only establishes by doing so his identity, and lays the foundation for his future destiny. Hence, under no circumstances should one look for recognition and applause for his service, for such would it simply denote vanity, and hold him yet to the flesh. Christ neither sought recognition nor cared for what man might say or do; He came to do the work of Him who sent Him, which was by virtue of His oneness with the Spirit of Truth.

Jesus labored for the Truth, and each of those souls who labor for the uplift of the race from sin and death should remember that the kingdom is within, and, being a condition of consciousness, should give each the feeling of fellowship with Christ. Consequently it becomes evident that the most difficult problem is to present a practical method whereby man could reconcile the two natures—the promptings of the animal organism in which he dwells, and the ideals of the soul seeking union with the Infinite, for only in this wise can we become identified with God; for unless the two natures become twain (Eph. II. 15} it is an evidence that we are still in the throes of struggle, and therefore yet without the gate leading into the city, or organism of the living God. Thus each messenger of truth should simply hold the light, sink his personality, and, turning his individuality toward the next higher sphere of Spirit consciousness, express what he receives—as the sun its light, as the flowers their color and smell, simply a quality which is a principle of man's being.

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