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The Waiting Time

Which of us has not experienced what we choose to call our times of waiting. Indeed, are not most of us at this very hour waiting for something—for a dear project to ripen, for a cherished hope to be realized, for a change in our business, our domestic life, or it may be that for the dawn of returning health we wait.

But alas, how much anxiety and impatience we bring into these waiting hours! Now, not later, we would have all our hopes and plans realized. Oh, futile impatience! for despite the fever of our unrest do we not! find ourselves still waiting? For the kind and beneficent law with which we have to do will not have us be all, see all, or have all in the lightning flash, but gradually, quietly prepares us for all things. Of a truth there is no waiting time; what we call waiting is but the growth period, the preparation time for that which is to come. For the child to become a man there is no waiting time; in the intervening years slowly, but surely, the little one is being prepared for that which he is destined to be—a man.

Let us learn to look truly upon our season of waiting as a preparation time, an opportunity for our higher development. Let us make an honest effort to banish from it all anxious and impatient thought, for then and only then shall we receive what it is purposed to give, and in the effort be assured we shall find that peace which comes to those who are coworkers with the unfailing mind of the Universe.

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