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True Happiness

Study nature as the countenance of God.
Try to extract every line of beauty, every association, every moral reflection, every inexpressible feeling from it.
—Charles Kingsley

Never lose the opportunity of seeing anything beautiful, for in those quiet hours of silent communion with the soul of Nature, we are taking in a store of knowledge which shall become a part of our very being. Knowledge? Knowledge of what? Just the pure beautiful knowing that God is Love, and everything in this world which is truly beautiful to those who see with the eyes of Truth, and know that all is Good and then when we know, let us speak it and live it, each one in our own way, and reveal to those who are seeking how much there is to be happy in, just in living, not even always working, but quietly to live in the fullness of joy and love, because the Eternal Love is always with us. Then shall we carry about with us in our work, whatever it may be, a continual influence of joy. Onwards, forwards we must ever journey, and if sometimes maybe there are clouds to pass through, we shall learn to see that it is only when we can keep to the simplicity of the childlike heart that we shall live in the full sunshine of life, and that in the present the possibilities of a yet more beautiful future.

At the roots of life the heart is calm.
—Stopford Brooke

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