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Love and Friendship

Sympathy is the keynote to Friendship, it is, in fact, the very essence of it. When two souls realize that they can understand the motives of each other without lengthy explanations, when they find they are in sympathy with each other they should rejoice and be exceeding glad, for each has touched the soul—that spark of God—in the other. For a while, perhaps, they will feel satisfied, but a time comes when Friendship does not satisfy, for pure Love alone can truly satisfy. Friendship may, perhaps, be the preparer of Love—for Love will not come till the soil be tit for it. Only when sin is entirely overcome and the souls become perfect can Love triumph. Until then Friendship must suffice; it is a glimpse of the Ideal, but it is not the Ideal which the soul is ever striving to attain.

Nature doth first beget the imperfect, then proceeds she to the perfect.
—Ben Jonson
Love and joy can make the lowliest breast
A Paradise of flowers where Peace might build her nest.
—Percy Bysshe Shelley
Love alone is wisdom; love alone is power.
And where love seems to fail, it is where self has stepped between and dulled the potency of its rays.
—George MacDonald

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Dorothy M. Burt

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