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As there is a very great difference in the sight of different persons as to the outward vision, so there is in the inward or spiritual sight. We are all well aware that if we look at the same scene or view each one of us sees it differently, not only because some people's eyes magnify more than others, but because some notice more minutely, and some more accurately, than others; some only take a general view, others a partial one; some notice all things tall and grand, and imposing in nature; others take more interest in the smaller things—leaves, moss, lichen, etc. And so it is with spiritual sight; some see only dimly because though they would fain see the beauty of the view, their eyes are not yet accustomed to the light; some see clearly but only for a short distance; others have a clearer and wider view, and alas! some are blind altogether! We are all the children of the same Heavenly Father, taking our journey through this world with the same object in view—that of learning to fit ourselves for the Kingdom of Heaven, and of growing the Kingdom of Heaven within us; but the sight of some of the travelers is as yet so dim that they are hardly aware of the object of their journey, but those who do know of their object must bear in mind that to make any real progress on their journey, they must learn to be patient and uncomplaining in troubles, sympathetic and self sacrificing in friendship, helpful and encouraging to the week and needy, and always obedient to the voice of duty. They must learn to accept calmly what befalls them, either of good or ill, and purity in thought, word and deed must be their constant aim; then their spiritual vision will become so enlarged that their eyes will "see the King in his beauty," and of them shall be said, "Blessed are your eyes for they see!" for it is only the "pure in heart" that can "see God." Let us then so aspire, in our hearts, after this spiritual sight, that we may, by seeking constantly only that which is true, and pure, and holy, behold "as in a glass the glory of the Lord,' and be "changed into the same image from glory to glory, by the Spirit of the Lord."

The man who, living in the midst of the temptations of the world, attains perfection, is the true hero.
The time comes when most men and women feel that calm is better than storm,
simplicity than complexity, few wants than many.
—Stopford Brooke

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Emma Allum

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