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I Will Arise (Poem)

Whosoever shall not accept the Kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein.
—Mark 10:15 & Luke 18:17

Weary of thought, and tired of books and learning,
Oppressed in mind with endless questioning,
For my lost childhood's faith my soul is yearning,
And for the peace which that alone could bring.

O God! I've wandered far down lonely byways
In search of Truth, and still I've sought in vain;
I've joined the throngs upon Life's busy highways,
And sick at heart I've wandered back again.

I've sought Thee in the works of saints and sages,
In Nature, and in Nature's laws sublime,
Through Art, and through the Poets' mystic pages
To Thee I've tried unceasingly to climb.

Tonight for Thee my weary soul is yearning,
And Art and books for me have lost their charms;
Oh, let me sleep with childhood's faith returning
Enfolded by the Everlasting Arms!

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E. M. B.

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