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Gems of Thought From German Thinkers

A rich heart lives life in moments. —Spielhagen

The history of a man is his character. —Goethe

The good man never thinks about himself but last. —Schiller

There is only one way to approach the excellences of great men—by love. —Goethe

He who doeth well the little things,
Some day will mount with eagle's wings. —Goethe

We live for Work, Love, and Self-Perfecting. If these are wanting, is life worth living? And if we have realized these, what else do we want? Is there anything to complain about? —Herder

A Little seed having life may rest for ages in a human heart, but at last it will germinate and shoot up like the wheat found in a mummy's coffin in Egypt. —Scheffel

Our Life on Earth is a station between the animal kingdom and the Kingdom of Heaven. It depends entirely on the direction of your moral journey at which end you will arrive; you can become an angel or a beast. —Max Bewer


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Rudolph O. Gercke

  • Secretary of the West London group of Light of Reason readers.

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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