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Ethics of Sight

Bitterness in a man's outlook upon life is the result of combined egotism and blindness. The thought must be shallow and sluggish to become embittered by any personal or observed experience, for the truly thoughtful man recognizes that Life was not created to the end of his personal convenience or happiness. It is a small world that is centered round oneself. Man and the soul constitute an infinity; the individual is the atom and cannot be the center of a plan. Good is diffused over the universe, but evil is localized. We must look above and beyond immediate evil to recognize the ultimate and predominant Good. In proportion as the outlook is wide so will it be bright, free, and healthy. The earth is grey under the cloud, but the clear eye can discern the brightness beyond. There is no optimism or pessimism in Truth, as there is no day or night in Space. Truth and Space are infinite and eternal. Only that which is relative causes unrest: the Absolute which permeates all is abiding and means Peace.

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Laurence Saunders

  • Born in 1519 and died on February 8th, 1555
  • Was an english Protestant martyr whose story is recorded in Foxe's Book of Martyrs.

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