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The "Light of Reason" Gatherings

Birmingham Group—The usual monthly meeting took place on 12th April. It was opened with a talk on "The Decline of Dogma," and many instances were quoted showing the recent wonderful change of view of leading theologians, and the manifest tendency to lay aside traditional prejudice and narrowness of mind. A thoughtful article on "The Dawning of the Spiritual Era" from "The Herald of the Golden Age" was then read, and another reading from Tolstoy brought the evening to a close.

Liverpool, and Birkenhead Group—The usual meeting was held on 16th April, when two members read papers on the subject, "What the new thought means to us all." It was proposed that a meeting should be held in Liverpool in the evenings about 7:30, on the alternative fortnights, to enable members whose business prevented them attending the afternoon meetings at New Ferry. Mr. Edwin Allen has kindly undertaken to try and carry out this plan. The May meeting is arranged for the 9th, when Mr. Allen will give an address on the subject "What can we say about evil."

West London Group—On Monday, 18th April, a social evening was spent at Mrs. Worley's, the first hour being devoted to conversation, after which Mr. Ernest de la Hooke gave a short address on "Happiness," which was followed by a discussion.

Manchester Group—The secretary, Mr. V. D. Nicholson, 60, Ashton Hill Lane, Droylsden, will be pleased to hear from readers wishing to join.

A Group is in process of formation at Brighton. Those wishing to join should communicate with the Editor.

If those of our London readers who wish to attend meetings of Groups, yet who cannot conveniently join those already formed, will write to the Editor, we will see what can be done towards forming other Groups in London. Those who are prepared to undertake the organization of a Group should state so in their letter.

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James Allen

James Allen was a little-known philosophical writer and poet. He is best recognized for his book, As a Man Thinketh. Allen wrote about complex subjects such as faith, destiny, love, patience, and religion but had the unique ability of explaining these subjects clearly and in a way that is easy to understand. He often wrote about cause and effect, sowing and reaping, as well as overcoming sadness, sorrow, and grief. For more information on the life of James Allen, click here.

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