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Preserve harmony in your own soul, and it will flow out to all others, for its effects are more powerful than you understand, and more far-reaching.

Sink all thought of self, all personal ambition, the small jealousies and suspicions that mar the heart's melodies.

Listen to the great song of love, compassion, tenderness, and, losing yourself in that, forget these passing shadows. United, harmonious, your power is limitless; without them we can do nothing.

See to it then, that your note in the great instrument be pure and clear, else discord will result. Back of all our pain and suffering there lie the divine harmonies of Reality. These seek, and, finding, lose not. —The Theosophical Forum

There is a life which taketh not its hue
From earth or earthly things, and so grows pure,
And higher than the petty cares of men,
And is a blessed life and glorified.
—Lewis Morris
Let us live happily, then, not hating those who hate us! among men who hate us let us dwell free from hatred.
Let us live happily, then, free from greed among the greedy! among men who are greedy let us dwell free from greed.

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