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The Blind Man (a Parable)

A certain man lost his sight, and his heart grew hard, and he did not fail to complain of the injustice of his lot. And one day there came to him a stranger who had been blind from birth. And the stranger did not complain, but rejoiced, and glorified the Lord of all things. And the man who was stricken blind was astonished and said, "For forty years I had my sight, yet now I curse my fate, but thou who hast never seen complainest not but rejoicest." And he who had been blind from birth replied, "I rejoice, because having no eyes, yet I see." "How dost thou see?" said the stricken one. "I see," said the stranger," with the eyes of the Spirit, the eyes of the high mind within me. I see that the stars do not fail nor fall, because of the just laws of the Lord of all things, and I also see that the souls of men do not fall though their bodies be afflicted, and die, for the Lord of all things holds them up. Therefore, I rejoice, because seeing not with the eyes of the body, I see with the eyes of the Spirit, and I see that all things are just and true. Thy bodily blindness, brother," said he, "is not thy greatest affliction; thy spiritual blindness is an affliction great and deep, yet thou complainest not about this. Complain no more, but let thy heart rest in the knowledge of the Lord of all things." And the stricken one said, "I would that my heart could so rest. Show me the way to that rest." And the stranger said, "Complain no more of thy bodily affliction, but meditate in thy heart upon that which is good and true; be obedient and patient and gentle; remove thy faults and all thy hardness and impurity, and lo! your spiritual eyes will open, and you will see the wonderful glory of the Lord of all things; and the Lord will speak to you in your heart, and will give to you His comfort and peace, and then, having no eyes, you will rejoice because you have received your sight." And the stranger went away. And from that day the stricken one complained not, but became as a little child, peaceful and happy; and when asked what had wrought the change in him he said he had been visited by an Angel of the Lord.

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