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An "After Life" (Poem)

Why on this life presume
To cast contempt and scorn?
Why should'st thou fret and fume
Because in matter born?

The noblest souls were ne'er
Content to wail and weep:
Earth gave them scope, to care
For much that some count cheap.

The flesh bemoaned they not,
For so was power attained:
.Accepted they their lot,
Nor questioned what was gained.

The soul to God they left—
They knew that It was near.
So life was not bereft
For them of joy sincere.

Existence was for them
A Spirit-Life of Love.
The body could not stem
The Effluence from Above.

Thus, let us also take
The Present Life. That so
We strive henceforth to make
More perfect The Below.

The fountain of content must spring up in the mind.
—Ben Jonson

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Richard Dimsdale Stocker

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