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Letters of a Truth-Seeker (Part 2)

The Finding of Our Relationship

It is just when the old attachments are broken, when the thought is free of useless and unnecessary dogmas, that we seek within ourselves the Higher Truth. Strange though it may seem to us at first, out of all discord and chaos at last dawns the consciousness of Unity. Intuition, that voice within, is revealing to us the knowledge of our true relationship with the rest of the Universe. Reason and experience are guiding us by slow and certain steps to the practical realization of this knowledge in the life. We perceive that we are the indivisible parts of One Life, and not isolated units. Forces are constantly operating around us, and in proportion to our own development and control, do we become receptive of them. All are channels, more of less, for the flow of these forces. Many are already conscious of these facts in the life, and are seeking by thought-control and concentration to open themselves for their unfoldment. All will have knowledge of these truths who are earnestly and truly seeking the Truth.

To enter into the true consciousness of our relationship with these indwelling life-forces is the real method of progress. It is that poise of the mind which alone can bring us into harmony with the Universe. Doubtless we have all realized this to some extent at particular times in the life. It may have been in some shady woodland glen where that deep calm has taken possession of the very depths of the soul, until we feel in tune with the Heart of Nature. Perhaps we have thought at the time that this "mood" was wholly brought about by the character of our surroundings. We shall see however that it is a faculty, and as such capable of development. Are we not master of our own thoughts? Let us then take up our rightful possession at once, and here and now clear the mind of all the discords that threaten our peace, so that the inner voice may be heard. All the hard and selfish thoughts must be expelled one by one until the mind is calm and receptive. Then in the silence there will come that clearer vision of our true relationship to the Source of Life and Power, and of our own inborn powers and possibilities. Then shall we have dropped the appearance of things, and be at once directly in touch with the Reality that is always active within them, but awaits our recognition. This is the very fountain of that Love, Wisdom, and Health, which shall eventually be expressed in our life. In this place difficulties and doubts do not perplex us, for we see that they are only the phantoms in the mist arising from our ignorance. It is indeed only the Truth that can make us free—the Truth that cannot be given, but mist be brought into recognition by the individual within himself.

The importance of making this practice of thought-control one of the main factors in the formation of character cannot be over-estimated. It is by no means new, as all the seers and sages of the past have advocated it in some way. All our experience proves that progress and development are sure if the ideal be patiently fostered. Sudden attainment we must not expect, for it is one thing to catch an intuitive glimpse of such ideals and quite another to realize them in the life. Much indeed will be accomplished at this stage of our search for Truth, if we only see the possibilities that away the true recognition of our own relationship to the Life-forces which are operating in every living thing. Book-learning or Scientific knowledge will not serve us instead of out own development. We will seek the steady unfoldment of the inner faculties, so that we may become receptive of these forces, and manifest them in health of body and holiness of mind.

Knowledge is not an inert and passive principle, but it must be sought before it can be won; it is the product of great labor and therefore great sacrifice.

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Harry J. Stone

  • Secretary of the North London group of Light of Reason readers.

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