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Charity (Poem)

As we look for good in others,
Then that good will surely grow;
And streams of loving-kindness
Out from our own hearts will flow.
Why should we, ourselves so faulty,
Lacking much that we should own,
Be so hasty, blindly judging
What to us is all unknown?
Let us seek for Truth and virtue,
Noting what is best in all;
By our love thus leading others
To obey the higher call.
Thus a poor heart, toiling upwards,
Helped, encouraged on Life's way,
Doubtless would less often stumble,
From the path less often stray.
May compassion, then, unbounded
Help us ever to be kind;
May we gain, our own faults finding,
True humility of mind.
Humbly then our work pursuing,
Loving all, and judging none—
May we journey on life's pathway
Till the setting of its sun.

Charity is a virtue of the heart, and not of the hands.
—Joseph Addison

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Gertrude M. Campbell

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