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Look for the Good (Poem)

Look for the good, 'tis never far away,
But we the bad too anxious are to find;
It blinds our eyes, we cannot see beyond,
And there the good in all its beauty lies.

Look for the good, and good will surely come,
And grow in grace and sweetness day by day;
It is innate in every living soul,
And marks the milestones on the heavenly way.

Look for the good, and good expect to find,
You won't be disappointed, rest assured;
It only wants a tender, loving hand
To draw it forth where it has been immured

And buried 'neath the crust of unbelief,
Of unbelief in its existence, till
'Tis well nigh lost, and choked with dirt and weeds,
And covered over with our own self-will.

Look for the good, and love the good to see,
Live for the good, and be the good thyself
In every thought and action; throw it forth
And draw it out of others by thy love.

What man can judge his neighbor aright, save he whose love makes him refuse to judge him?
—George MacDonald

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