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Separation and Darkness

Darkness is the portion of souls who have left their true orbit—the orbit which, centered in God, can expand to everlasting, or wander in the void, centered (if centered it may be called) in the dwindling orbit of the false self. But they who find freedom only in the base and trivial, are pent up in the caves and dungeons of the crustations of sense. And the darkness, of course, breeds phantoms—delusions; phantom pleasures, phantom pains, phantom fears, etc.; God is distorted into an avenging and dreadful idol. For, by virtue of its inherent divinity, the soul will go on creating, whether with substance or shadow; and creations from the latter, though none the less unreal, will gather by degrees the consistence of concrete, and so become the harder to dissolve. Remove your foundation from spiritual to material—from rock to quicksand; believe in your false self, pamper it, inflate it, and it will become to you not only reality, but only reality. Yet is it entirely a delusion, (there can be only mw centre of the moral Sphere,) and is bound to be renounced at last, for when suffering has grown intolerable, return to Truth becomes compulsory.

Mistake, error, is the discipline through which we advance.
—William Ellery Channing

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Edward Harold Physick

  • Born on July 20th, 1878 in Ealing, London, United Kingdom and died on August 30th, 1972
  • English writer
  • Used the pseudonym E. H. Visiak

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