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The Lesson of Patience

How difficult it is to be patient. We want to be up and doing; doing the Masters work. We are anxious to spread the Truth as we know it, anxious to show the Light as we see it. Ah: I am afraid there are times when we are too anxious, too eager to press forward the good work, for do we not often find that just as our plans are almost complete, just when we think that our wishes are about to be realized, we are laid aside, on a bed of it sickness it may be, or in some other way we are made helpless. Then we have to wait patiently while our work (as we think) is at a standstill, but we find that it is not so, and learn the lesson which we needed.

What a very long time we take, and through what sufferings we pass, to learn that most difficult of all lessons, to be patient.

All healthy things are sweet-tempered.
Nothing in all the world is so weak and yielding as water; but for breaking down the firm and strong it has no equal.
This admits of no alternative. All the world knows that the soft can wear away the hard, and the weak can conquer the strong;
but none carry it out in practice. The words of truth are always paradoxical.

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Christie Campbell

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