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Gems of Thought From German Thinkers

Not unless we fill our existence with an aim do we make it life. —Reichel

The first and last thing we ask from a genius is Love of Truth. —Goethe

Reflect upon the criticism of the masses, but never allow them to make you despair. —Platen

Our life is a book. Fools glance over its pages hurriedly, but the wise man reads it thoughtfully. —Jean Paul

A character is a man who knows what he wants; who does not allow his temper and moods to govern him, but acts on firm principles. —Treu

Submission to that which m1ght occur; Hope and Trust that only that will come to pass which is beneficial and good, and steadfastness, if misfortune should befall us, is all we can set against fate.  —Wilhelm Von Humboldt

Let each one of us use his most powerful influence in his own sphere not to allow the material to become the predominant, nor to judge by it the value of one’s own life, nor the power by which only we can promote the well-being of others, but let us cultivate the Spiritual. —Schleiermacher

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Rudolph O. Gercke

  • Secretary of the West London group of Light of Reason readers.

Little is known about this author. If you have information about this author to share, please contact me.

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