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Wrong Thinking

Wrong thinking, whatever its nature, leaves indelible scars on mind and body alike. It affects character and material prospects equally. Every time you grumble or find fault; every time you lose your temper; every time you do a mean, contemptible thing, you suffer a loss which cannot be repaired. You lose a certain amount of power, of self-respect, and of an uplifting and upbuilding character-force. You are conscious of your loss, too, which tends to weaken you still further.

A business man will find that, every time he gets out of sorts, flies into a rage, or "goes all to pieces" when things go wrong, he is not only seriously injuring his health, but is also crippling his business. He is making himself repellent; he is driving away success.

A man who wants to do his best must keep himself in good mental trim. If he would achieve the highest success he must be a correct thinker. He cannot think discord and bring harmonious conditions into his business. His wrong thought will honeycomb and undermine his prospects of life.

The word that once escapes the tongue cannot be recalled.
Each word we speak has infinite effects.
—Charles Kingsley

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O. S. Marsden

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