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The Soul’s Campaign (Poem)

The power of a holy life
Than war's strong arm is stronger far:
The conquests of fair Virtue's strife
More glorious yet than triumph car
Of warrior from the fight returned,
When signal victory lights the eye
That lately with fell hate has burned.
No waiting crowds the "Huzza!" cry,
When back to life's true way returns
The winner of the soul's campaign,
Who neath the flag of Truth, hard-prest,
Sustained deep loss for Virtue's gain,
And fell not with the weaker rest;
But firmly steadfast, bravely bore-
The strife, the heart's long fighting-day;
Not faltered, nor gave battle o'er
Tho' stricken sorely in the fray.
With lasting praises ever sing
The hero of the soul's campaign!
And let the high-souled cadence ring
In noble and enraptured strain.

Nothing very noble or inspiring will be done by the one who has not faith to rely on the final victory of right over wrong.
Difficulty is only a word indicating the degree of strength requisite for accomplishing particular objects; a mere notice of the necessity for exertion.
—Samuel Warren

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Ada Hill

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