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Perfect Love (Poem)

A creedless Love that know no clan,
No caste, no cult, no church but man;
That deems today, and now, and here
Are Voice and Vision of the seer;
That through this lifted human clod
The inflow of the breath of God
Still sheds its apostolic powers,
Such Love, such trust, such faith be ours.
We deem men climb a glorious slope
Towards far seen tablelands of hope,
That man, through filth and shame of sin
Still seeks the God that speaks within;
That all the years since time began
Work the eternal Rise of Man;
And all the days that time shall see
Tend toward the Eden yet to be.
Too long our music-hungering needs
Have heard the iron clash of creeds;
The creedless Love that knows no clan,
No caste, no cult, no church but Man
Shall drown with mellow music all
The dying jangle of their brawl:
Such Love with all its quickening powers,
Such Perfect Love be ever ours.

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Sam Walter Foss

  • Born on June 19th, 1858 in Candia, New Hampshire and died on February 26th, 1911
  • American librarian and poet
  • Notable works are "The House by the Side of the Road" and "The Coming American".
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