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Guarding One’s Self

It is unscientific to revile, accuse, or condemn. If you are going to make your science practical, you must declare only Good. It is always the best policy. The man who strikes back at an adversary will keep up to quarrel and get many other wounds and bruises. It takes two to make a quarrel; never make one of the two.

When you are accused and abused, praise your adversaries. It is scientific. The true resistance is in the silence. Take out and keep out of your own heart all bitterness, denunciation, anger, and envy, and you will be armed against all the devils in other people. The only way you can be hurt from without is to open your own door and let the outsider come inside of your own sanctuary. Keep your own light within and you are in no danger.

"But I just can't stand it." Oh yes—you can. It will be easy after you have practiced it awhile. You will find nonresistance powerful and practical.

It is the only weapon fit for the warfare against error.

When you recognize opposition, you lend it your own power. —Selected from Wisdom of the Ages

No man ruleth safely, but he that is willingly ruled. No man speaks safely, but he that holds his peace willingly.
—Thomas à Kempis

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